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About Us 



Striving to educate customers about the importance of wearing a properly-fitted bra and offering bra options to an underserved population (full-figure and full busted customers), faBRAlous fits is a professional bra-fitting service, created by bra-fitting visionary, Trina Trotman.  Trina’s passion for wearing a properly-fitted bra propelled her to want to reach and teach others about the importance of wearing the right bra and feeling confident about their bras size.   


faBRAlous fits launched in 2004, as a mobile bra-fitting service serving the DC, MD and VA (DMV) areas.  It offers measuring and fitting of bras in various styles and colors, and most sizes, specializing in full-figure and full busted bras.  We want women to know that there are options – if you want pretty and sassy bras or basic bras – we provide quality merchandise while ensuring a great fit!  We educate!  We teach women how to wear the right bra and why wearing the right bra is so important.  


faBRAlous fits Boutique is created.  June 2018, Trina, with the support of her husband, expanded her vision and customer reach by opening a brick-and-mortar and continuing to provide exceptional bra-fitting services and quality merchandise.  In an era where many large businesses are experiencing retail apocalypse, closing of brick-and-mortar retail stores, Trina strongly believes that it is even more important for small businesses to remain open to serve the most underserved populations in the bra industry.  Customers need to know that there is a local boutique that will measure and fit them in a properly-fitted bra – offering a personalized bra-fitting experience!   


faBRAlous fits is committed to remaining in the community to offer personalized bra-fitting services for those who desire the much-needed services.  faBRAlous will also offer an on-line re-order service for those who have been properly fitted at the Boutique.  faBRAlous fits is a movement – to reach, teach and equip customers with the right tools to create a long-lasting feeling of body confidence.  We Teach, We Measure, We Fit!  


Our mission


 To encourage customers to embrace their femininity through properly-fitted bras and shapewear.   



Our motto


 “it’s what’s underneath that counts"



My Story 



Trina reflects on her journey to becoming a bra-fitting entrepreneur…


As a teenager, I can remember my grandmother instilling the importance of wearing the RIGHT bra regardless of your shape or bra size.  If you didn’t have on a good bra, my grandmother would often say, “it looks like your breasts are going to bed!”   


As an adult, I began to embrace my bra size and concluded that my boobs weren’t going anywhere without some type of intervention.  I embraced my bra size!  However, I was always frustrated when shopping at various department stores and not finding my size or anyone to assist with such a daunting task.  I then became a frequent customer of a bra specialty shop that offered bra fitting.  The bra specialty shop offered the basic black, beige and white bras.  I used to wonder, how do women who need special sizing really feel with just wearing the basic bra colors?


Then I realized I am not the only one suffering from a lack of options.  One day, my husband said, we need to take Ashley, my stepdaughter, who was a teenager at the time, to find a good bra.  I said, Oh I know, let’s take her to the bra specialty shop where I shop.  Well, as you can imagine, a teenager didn’t want what the specialty shop was offering – the “ole lady bras.”  


It became even more apparent to me, we need pretty, supportive bras for full-figure, full busted customers to include the new era of curvy teenagers while continuing to educate about the importance of wearing the right bra – YES…including the “ole lady bras.”    Customers deserve a fabulous bra fitting experience, if so desired, and quality merchandise - OPTIONS!  Hence, faBRAlous fits was created!  


Today, the bra specialty shop that I used to frequent no longer exists and faBRAlous fits is increasingly being called upon for its professional bra-fitting services and quality merchandise.  Throughout the last 14 years while working with customers in the MD, DC and VA areas, I have learned a valuable lesson taught by my grandmother, “it’s what’s underneath that counts.”  The RIGHT bra will not only improve your overall quality of life and appearance, but it will make you feel feminine and uplifted for years to come!  

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